My Manly Nanny

My Nanny

My humble tribute to a wonderdul person who helped my parents in raising me  >>>

This great-looking guy is my late mother’s younger brother (shown here with her lovely wife, tita Lulu). Tito Boy Cando took care of me as a girl growing up in Cabanatuan City, where we first lived. He was a fantastic ‘yayo’ (wordplay for male nanny and for the energy :), playing rough with the boys as he carried me on his shoulders.
One time, we even cut across a ‘sampayan’ (clothesline) in one of those running games, but he held onto my legs while I hang upside down. A small scar under my chin reminds me of that fun-filled experience- one of many where I learned it’s okay to get hurt, fall and fail sometimes because it will give you a chance to see the world in different ways, much like I view this house in the background now.
Thank you, tito Boy for the lessons and the love!
May God bless you and tita Lulu with many more wonderful years together! Enjoy yourselves! I love you po! ❤ ❤ ❤


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