Where have they flown?

Our skies here are empty. The familiar squawks almost unheard of. A pair or two of these migratory geese and a few birds is what I have seen so far. Oh, where have all the geese flown this time?20160329_131305

From what I remember, the inflight of the Canadian geese heralds spring inasmuch as their exflight signaled winter. They just knew when it’s time to go. And as I have been on the watch for their re-invasion since the last snowthaw here in Winnipeg, sadly their no-show has been a big disappointment for me. I can’t help asking again: where have they flown?

I cannot definitely answer this question myself right now. My heart just longs for the much-anticipated sounds of other forms of life in a place frozen in an overextended time year after year after year.

How magical it is to hear again the rustling of leaves, the fluttering of wings of tiny bees and little dragonflies; even the buzzing of pesky mosquitoes would be music to my ears!

Some days ago when I began reviving my hanging, tiny garden on the deck (that’s probably about 4 by 1.5 meter big only), I was so happy to witness a queen-sized black ant curled up from hibernation in one of my pots that I upturned for repotting. How I wish the ant’s yawning and twitching muscles could be amplified! Of course I took extra care not to crush the ant in its journey back to life. It should still be tucked somewhere there in my bag of topsoil if not in one of the pots that I have renewed.

Thankfully, the trees around me have regrown their foliage, too. What a sight to wake up to, you know. I slept fitfully and gloomy, but when the hours were up, a magical view of something that transformed overnight surprised me with joy: the tree outside my kitchen window has turned green! Everything that’s coming back from a long slumber is God’s majestic wonder of wonders truly.

Grasses have, at least a couple of weeks ago, sprouted first on the ground. In fact, our lawn had already been serviced by the maintenance crew. Can you believe that? The guy took care not to mow down the tulips that Mother Nature gifted us with. The yellow flowers are now in full bloom!

The tracks fronting our place have also come to life with joggers and all sorts of people from this culturally-diverse populated southern part of the city. Blacks, whites, yellows and browns are mostly the races who blend beautifully here all enjoying the sun as they engage in whatever outdoor activities are available for them: basketball, soccer, skateboarding, cycling, walking, and walking their pets, too.

All that’s missing before my eyes are the noisy geese and birds that should have come squawking and squatting on these tracks, competing for ground space with us, humans.




What do you think? :)

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